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Are you a Super yacht who is committed to delivering a seamless service and driven to recruit and maintain a high quality crew personnel?


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Are you a Super yacht who is committed to delivering a seamless service and driven to recruit and maintain a high quality crew personnel?

My Mission

I empower individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and thrive.

About Karine

Karine commenced her yachting career in 2008. Having seen the lack of professional leadership onboard which subsequently impacted the crew interpersonal dynamics and mental health, Karine returned to the the human services sector working in public and private institutions. With over a decade’s worth experience she comes with a wide, yet specialised skill set in the areas of psychology-counselling, coaching, strategic leadership and performance management. Her core purpose involves supporting individuals and teams to overcome personal and collective challenges whilst helping them achieve their respective aspirations.

Our Values

We Care

We empower

We inspire

My Why

I love problem solving and using my experience to uplift the yachting community to new heights.



Our services include; coaching, onboard workshops, e-learning, counselling, CV services, people & culture services as well as recruitment. We are the only service providers that support crew through the entirety of their yachting careers. 

Experienced Crew Service

Experienced Crew

Have a 20 minute complimentary chat with Karine to determine how she can best support you. 

Heads of Departments

Have a 20 minute complimentary chat with Karine to determine how she can best support you. 


Heads of Departments Service
Crew Transitioning Out Of Yachting Service

Crew Transitioning Out Of Yachting

Have a 20 minute complimentary chat with Karine to determine how she can best support you. 

Leadership and Talent Advisory Specialists

We streamline your operational systems, ensuring smooth sailing and optimal performance all round.

Yacht Management Service

“My goal from personal mentoring was to discover positive ways to motivate crew in a challenging period of operation. The sessions I had with Karine prompted a positive outcome, enhanced my confidence as a leader, and as a result was the start of a brighter future for the crew and subsequently the yacht operation. As a captain, challenges are certainly not limited to technical challenges. Our crew are our biggest asset, and sometimes the help of a professional with expansive experience in this area can provide vital support in helping us on our way to developing our crew into a harmonic, high performing team. I cannot recommend the cooperation between leaders and a ‘mentor’ highly enough, and I will most definitely be continuing my development with ‘The Crew Coach’. My goal was to establish a common ground for my crew to develop as a team. Some new crew members, and some crew members who had been with the yacht for some years. I recognised the necessity to have a ‘reset’ and ‘The Crew Coach’ helped me exponentially to achieve this with the values workshop. I cannot say how much I valued the workshop. It was awesome! And the crew loved it, it brought them all together and got them all ‘on the same page’. Recognising their common values and resulting in them dictating the culture which they wanted to instil on board. Enhanced the team, enhanced the moral on board and in turn the operation of the yacht, productivity and quality of guest experience all went through the roof! Don’t think that it’s a ‘one hit wonder!’. These workshops are tools available to us as leaders, to help us be the best leaders we can. Crew management requires constant attention, but with the help of the ’The Crew Coach’, you will be so much better placed to develop and maintain a fantastic team on board”.


55m MY

When I found myself back in yachting after a long and unplanned break, I knew that finding consistent support would be my number one priority in helping to manage my mental health and relationships on board. A few months down the line and a busy season nearing the end, it has been by far the best investment I have ever made in myself and my future. Karine is unique in having experienced life on board, with heightened emotions of living in close quarters for long periods of time, as well as having dealt with the eclectic bunch of people that make up your crew; making explaining day to day frustrations that much easier, which is something I didn’t know I needed. Together we have focused on my core values, setting personal boundaries, accepting feedback (the good and bad) all which has made a monumental difference in my working relationships, self-confidence and overall personal life. Karines support and guidance has played the most significant role in my success this season and I cannot thank her enough for the incredible time and effort she puts into everything she does. I feel valued and appreciated as a person, which in turn leaves me forever grateful. I am proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and I look forward to what’s ahead. I can only hope more crew take the time to invest in themselves as there is no one more important than yourself. Thank you Karine.




Before I engaged in my sessions with Karine I was feeling so lost, confused and frustrated with a lot of aspects of my life I experienced extreme lows, bursts of anger and couldn’t control my alcohol consumption which leads to disruptions in my closest relationships. I feel life should be great as it is, and I couldn’t understand why these episodes were happening.

I chose this specific service because I felt she had the experience having worked in the yachting industry that she would 100% understand the absurd situations that arose onboard the yachts I’d been working on and those associated triggers. Karine and I had interacted on social media and I really felt a special warmth from her which made me feel so assured that she would be the person to help me. 

I feel Karine helped me understand why I behave in certain ways and she taught me how to control each of these behavioral issues. I have found that each topic we covered together I can now understand and when there are triggers I have learned how to negotiate each one and control it. I feel so much happier on a day to day basis and when I have a low day or a trigger occurs I can deal with it. That itself feels so great.

My alcohol consumption has dropped dramatically which has resulted in more exercise, a healthier diet, and a clearer head. The communication between myself and my husband is so much better and we both feel happier with me having sought help from Karine.

The biggest takeaway from working with Karine was understanding and controlling my emotional behavior and developing my communication skills. Self-care and self-awareness are skills she really encouraged and I really feel a huge benefit from. I really feel like I’ve changed the way I look at life and that you can really feel happy and fulfilled with the right support and that it’s totally ok to seek guidance.

I loved working with Karine she’s so Incredibly caring, understanding, uplifting, nurturing and all-round beautiful soul.

I honestly don’t think there’s anything else you could do apart from keeping up the Instagram posts! I love your continued support, care and interest in my life. I feel eternally grateful that I came to you and I know at any moment I could come back to you for any difficult obstacles that might arise. It’s a lovely feeling knowing someone is there for you.



I began working with Karine when I left my yacht on medical leave and decided to transition out of the industry entirely. I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, or any goals whatsoever beyond avoiding getting sucked back into boats as I’d seen happen to friends over and over again. I came to Karine because I wanted advice from someone who understood the yachting industry and what it means to leave it behind. I could not be more pleased that I chose to work with her. We had six coaching sessions spread out over several months at a pace I set. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but Karine helped me figure out what is important to me, what I’m good at (and not so good at), and what I really want and need. She’s easy to talk to and constantly had me thinking about things I hadn’t even considered previously. She’s a hugely positive influence – I often felt like I had my own personal cheerleader. I’ve achieved so many goals I set in coaching sessions that it almost feels like the things I was looking for fell straight into my lap. I never would have had a concrete vision of what those things were or why I wanted them without this coaching. Karine is an incredible resource for the yachting industry and a huge advocate for crew. Thank you!




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