Hi, I'm Karine,

I am results-driven and simply love helping individuals achieve their goals! I am committed to helping my clients gain the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their personal and professional lives. I believe that Crew are the backbone of any successful yacht.

At The Crew Coach we put Crew at the heart of what we do. Purposeful in our approach and committed to making a meaningful impact in our industry.

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Life after Yachting

Life After Yachting

I remember I was warned about the golden handcuffs when I started yachting. If you don’t see yachting as a long term career or if you don’t have a yachting exit strategy in place, you …

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Yacht Crew Bullies

Yacht Crew Bullies

Why are Bullies, Bullies? We can hypothesise a number of reasons why bullies are bullies, however, when it comes to workplace bullying these are usually the reasons why …

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