Whether crewing will be a long or short-term career trajectory, I cannot express the importance of continuously nurturing your personal and professional development throughout your yachting career.

We choose to invest a lot of our personal resources in developing our hard (technical) skills and so often neglect to develop our interpersonal (soft) skills.  Without a doubt, your soft skills are you go to tool in empowering you to succeed in your career. Having a well-polished suite of soft skills will notably give you the competitive edge and will be what propels you forward in your career. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of this type of training as such at The Crew Coach we have developed a unique program for yacht crew and management companies to further strengthen and refine these key areas. Crew have a choice of doing our Online training or Coaching.

While your technical skills may get you into your chosen career it is your people skills that will open a world of opportunities to you. Having emotional intelligence will help you excel in your career which ever pathway you choose to pursue. Having the required tickets and training to qualify you as a competent seaman will not guarantee career longevity nor will it guarantee a meaningful career. The most important person is you, so why not invest in yourself and your professional development?

Here are some of the benefits of further developing your skill set:

1. Build your Confidence – 

There is a difference between arrogance and confidence – Arrogance is commonly referred to as “I know it all attitude” This attitude stunts growth and usually creates a noticeable divide between the individual and their peers. Confidence comes with being competent in executing a skill but more importantly getting feedback from others on how your performance impacts them.

2. Efficiency-

 Sometimes the ‘old’ way of doing things may no longer be the ‘best’ way. People are dynamic, so it is important to be flexible in your leadership approach in order to achieve the best outcomes. 

3. Perspective taking – 

when you work with a coach or engage in a team development workshop you have the opportunity to see things from a different point of view. 

4.Career progression – 

By investing in further developing your skill set you become more valuable thereby making you an attractive candidate to hire.

5.Become a better employee –

Knowledge is power, use your new learnings to empower others so they too can excel in their roles.