You know that moment… – that awkward silence when your interviewer asks “So, do you have any questions?”– and you can’t think of a thing to say! I am sure this has happened to all of us at some point in our careers?! I want to see you thrive in your interviews and leave a lasting impression as such I have compiled 5 great interview questions that you can ask your interviewer post interview.

It is important to arrive at your crew interviews well prepared as this will help decrease your anxiety levels and walk into the interview a little more calmer. When the Captain, Chief Stew or respective head of department asks you this question, see it as an opportunity to demonstrate your values and interest in the role. Showing foresight and intelligence will set you apart from the rest of the candidates as well as makes you look like a confident interviewee.

5 Great Interview Questions

Here are five recommended questions to ask post-interview that will give you the leading edge:

1.What is the culture like on board?

How this helps you: This gives you an indication on whether the crew operate as a cohesive team or whether the relationships between crew members are strained. Find out what crew do during their time off or discover their personal interests.

2.What do you value the most about your crew members?

How this helps you: This will tell you what kinds of behaviour are appreciated and recognised by your interviewer, which will also tell you a lot about their own personal and professional values.

3.What is the approximate program/itinerary of this yacht?

How this helps you: If you haven’t already been told, this will give you an indication on how the yacht is used by the guests. You can also enquire as to whether it is private only or actively chartered. Each have their respective advantages and disadvantages so be sure to know what you are in for.

4.How long have the crew been working on board?

How this helps you: This will give you an indication as to whether the boat experiences high turnover or not. If there are regular recruitment initiatives then I would be weary. Longevity would suggest that crew have an incentive to stay.

5.What drew you to working on this particular yacht?

How this helps you: If your interviewer is open minded, this is a great question to help with building a rapport with your interviewer. It shows that you have an interest in their opinion and is a great segway to other conversations.

Bonus Question:

Do you have any further questions for me or concerns based on our discussions today? This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on how you performed in your interview. If there were any misunderstanding it will give you a chance to clarify things.

We recommend that you go on as many interviews as possible, it will only increase your confidence and make you a competent interviewee with time. Nothing wrong with having a few hiccups during your interview, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow! It will get easier with time.