It is always worth reflecting on the benefits of experiencing more positive emotions in your life, as such, I have taken an excerpt from https://www.wellbeingandresilience.com/positive-emotion. Here you will find some further valuable research findings on the benefits of positive emotions.

  • “Leaders who are seen as more positive tend to have followers who are more positive (Avey, Avolio, & Luthans, 2011).
  • Positive emotions can undo the effects of negative emotions (Gar-land et al., 2010); and promote resilience (Tugade &. Fredrikson, 2004).
  • Positive emotional styles can help prevent and speed-up recovery from illness, including the common cold (Sheldon. Cohen, Doyle, Turner, Alper, & Skoner, 2003), and stress and heart disease (B. L. Fredrickson & Levenson, 1998).
  • Positive emotions can predict a longer life-span (Danner, Snowdon, & Friesen, 2001; Levy, Slade, Kunkel, & Kasl, 2002; Xu & Roberts, 2010).
  • Positive emotions can broaden cognition and help people be accept-ing of a greater variety of behaviours (Isen, 1993).
  • Increases in positive emotions are shown to have a more significant impact on employee wellbeing and a range of other people and per-formance-related outcomes, than a comparable reduction in levels of employee negative emotions (Cotton & Hart, 2003; Hart, Caballero & Cooper, 2010).”