Are physical attributes and qualifications going to make the cut when recruiting?

When recruiting crew there is a lot more to assess than just the hard skills. Research has shown that individuals who demonstrate a growth mindset make a far more attractive candidate than one that has a fixed mindset. So what is the difference? A person with a growth set attitude believes anything is achievable and has the tenacity to reach their aspirations no matter what; whereas someone that has a fixed mindset, has a narrow outlook and limiting self beliefs, instead they think that they cannot do anything about the situation as that’s just the way they are and no intervention will make a difference. Individual’s with a growth mindset are adept in the art of problem solving; they enjoy looking for solutions and use their available resources to reach their desired outcomes, where as an individual with a fixed mindset will feel overwhelmed by the problem and will doubt their ability to solve it.

Heads of departments play a significant role in influencing the mindsets onboard. Through encouraging positive engagement and team work as well as ensuring the lines of communication are open and giving crew praise when it is deserved, will create a positive culture onboard and improve the working relationships.

In short, when making a hiring decision it is just as important to assess the candidate’s attitude as well as their experience and qualifications. A can do attitude can go a long way in building a happy and collaborative team.