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How to Avoid Setting your Team up for Failure

My expertise lies in helping individuals in becoming emotional intelligent so that they can excel in their personal and professional lives. Emotionally intelligent individuals have a deep understanding of themselves and have an ability to understand and influence...

How to have a well-run Superyacht

Have you ever experienced or known of crew who have had a destructive onboard culture?Culture and healthy are the operative words here. Without having a true understanding of culture and how to put that into action then, unfortunately, you will end up with a melting...

Want to Know How to Engage Millennials ? This is How!

This blog will help you get the best out of the millennial generation of crew. If you are a millennial yourself then this article will help you understand the importance of values which in turn will help you lead a more purposeful life.“Misunderstanding...

Go On SWOT Yourself

Why feedback can keep you on top of your Game Yes getting feedback can be absolutely petrifying but if we don't have the courage to go ask for it, you will never be able to truly be the best version of yourself. Through feedback, you can discover your growing edges as...

How to Manage Negative Energy Onboard

  Have you ever walked into a room and the atmosphere is so heavy and negative it is almost tangible? This is called energy. We all emit a vibration that can be either positive or negative hence we need to take responsibility for our own energy.   The energy...

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