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We are proud to present you with the World’s most advanced profile assessment designed specifically for the workplace. Whether you are looking to source the right crew member for the role, build a dream team or if you are wanting to accelerate your personal and professional development, this tool will get the results you are looking for.

DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment


Great leaders understand human behaviour – theirs and others. Leaders are judged by their actions and reactions. Charismatic leaders gain the respect of others through effective behaviour and they understand the impact of their behaviour on others. The ability to create and maintain rapport with people is a fundamental skill in leadership. Using the DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment, leaders will develop the ability to create productive relationships and influence people, significantly improving productivity, employee motivation and staff retention.

Helping to understand what drives people and identifying options for effectively leading them, the DISC ADVANCED®Leadership Assessment teaches powerful skills that assist people in becoming more successful leaders.

The DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment provides all the information in the DISC ADVANCED® Individual Assessment plus a large array of effective leadership techniques including:


  • Building and Maintaining Rapport / Productivity
  • Developing Your People
  • Adapting Your Communication Style
  • Helping People Reach Decisions
  • Motivating Your People
  • Complimenting Your People
  • Counselling Your People
  • Correcting Your People
  • Delegating to Your People
  • Acknowledging Your People
  • Adapting Your Leadership Style

Key Benefits

Here are just a few of the ways DISC benefits you and the team at large.

  • Better onboarding. Many businesses use personality profiles for new hires to assess how they will fit into the team. After an offer has been made and accepted, you can use the test results to determine how your new hire will interact with the existing team. Assessment results can determine how you approach orientation and training to ensure your new team members are getting the most out of the process.
  • Team building tools. The DISC profile informs users how different styles interact with one another. This means you can use the results of the test to build teams who work well together, and, as important, avoid costly personality conflicts that can impact performance. Pairing CREW who have complementary profiles on projects can enhance production and results.
  • Personal development. DISC is a powerful coaching tool. It helps individuals understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interaction with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results. The profile offers insight into the most product behaviours as well as those behaviours that may create problems.
  • Motivational tools. Once you know each of your employees’ dominant personality traits, you can also customize your motivational processes to tap into their own specific strengths. An employee’s DiSC results that demonstrate conscientiousness will be eager to maintain both quality and accuracy in their work. Play into this and motivate them accordingly by giving them goals they want to achieve.


 Fee: €450 each

Includes your assessment, a detailed report and 1.5 hr online consultation with Karine

* discount available for bulk purchase


DISC Advanced - The Crew Coach
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