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We are proud to present you with the World’s most advanced assessment designed specifically for the workplace. Whether you are looking to exit the industry, source the right crew member for the role, or you are wanting to accelerate your personal and professional development, this tool will get the results you are looking for



  • DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment: Great leaders understand human behaviour – theirs and others. Leaders are judged by their actions and reactions. Charismatic leaders gain the respect of others through effective behaviour and they understand the impact of their behaviour on others. The ability to create and maintain rapport with people is a fundamental skill in leadership. Using the DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment, leaders will develop the ability to create productive relationships and influence people, significantly improving productivity, employee motivation and staff retention
  •  Individual Assessment: this provides a significantly more comprehensive understanding of someone’s complete behavioural style and is a dramatic improvement that provides a much deeper understanding of themselves and others. Plus an array of “what now” tools and tips


Includes a detailed report and 1.5 hr online consultation
DISC Advanced - The Crew Coach