Welcome to the leading eLearning platform exclusively for yacht crew. Our courses are designed to empower crew with the skills and knowledge they need to bolster their careers now and in the future.

One of Karine’s obsessions is learning and development. Karine is an accomplished expert in her field and is adamant that her studies combined with her life experience have been the catalyst for her accelerated yet successful, career pathway. She championed The Crew Coach e-learning platform so that crew can engage with experts and successfully apply themselves in achieving their own career aspirations. By engaging with one of our e-learning courses you will receive the support, knowledge, and skills to become a competent professional.


Our Leadership Advantage Program is designed to help you bring out your highest leadership potential. And unlike anything else on offer in the yachting industry, this training is designed by a leadership expert who is also an ex-crew member and industry insider with 17 years of yachting experience, who understands first-hand the many issues that impact crew dynamics onboard. 

It has been developed exclusively for the superyacht industry and is 100% relevant, up to date and practical for application onboard a luxury yacht of any size. In short, this isn’t just theory – it’s full of practical solutions that absolutely work in a yachting context.

In addition to this, the entire training is contained in a fully virtual online package so you can access it anywhere in the world at any time – and nobody needs to know you have access to it, giving you a secret advantage to help you improve your leadership and people skills with everyone you meet and manage.

Core Leadership

The foundations of self management (including stress management, emotional intelligence and anger management), the psychology of motivating people, influencing others and correcting crew behaviour, goal setting with individuals and teams and turning difficult people around.


Building Dream Teams

Everything you need to identify and source the right candidates. This includes: Recruitment strategies on how to recruit quality crew. Strategies around building harmonious teams as well as crew engagement. We look at individual interpersonal skills and how we can leverage off these to improve the rapport between crew members thereby improving crew performance and enhancing productivity.


Getting to Yes

This module includes: How to deal with challenging crew situations; helping to implement HR processes and procedures with workplace bullying and how to manage difficult owners and guests to reach positive outcomes swiftly and easily.


Ultimate Productivity

This module includes: streamlining your workload to achieve high quality outcomes; yachting specific time management, email management skills; prioritization tools and techniques; operational strategies to assist with streamlining work tasks to ensure efficiency and productivity.


Personal Branding & Strategy


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The course has really allowed me to take stock of aspects of the interior management. A very good course in assisting with managing difficult crew members. Furthermore, it gave me great insight into areas that I need to improve within myself as a leader

VW, Chief Stewardess, 51m MY

Excellent. I have been waiting for a training course like this to be introduced in the yachting industry. All heads of department should not miss this. The perfect tools to help get the best out of your crew and understand people


IS Captain, 36m Charter MY

I cannot recommend this course highly enough! I have taken away so many amazing tools that I believe will not only benefit my work but also my personal life as well. I feel like this cause is a must for anyone who is serious about advancing their career in the yachting industry!!

JR, Chief Stewardess, 50m MY

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