Crew Collective Workshops
On board Training

This is designed for interior and exterior teams to increase collaboration and ensure a seamless premium service delivery

In the training we will help you with:

  • understanding the nature of premium travelĀ 
  • identifying and developing a positive onboard culture and what this looks like in action
  • understanding behaviors and how this influences the team dynamic
  • how to communicate your needs effectively to achieve desired outcomes
  • identify crew’s personal attributes and strengths and how this can be best utilised to increase productivity and create a harmonious working and living environment
  • positive conflict resolution strategies
  • mental health first aid – identifying mental health issues and how to keep each other safe
  • crew well-being – learn how to avoid burnout
  • strategy planning – identifying the smart goals for the respective departments and how this links to the broader goals of the super yacht

How this works:

  • These workshops are conducted onboard where ever you are
  • We are adaptable and can tailor the workshops according to your needs
  • Optional DISC Assessment for the entire team
  • Contact for further details
Face to Face Training - The Crew Coach