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Welcome to our Green Crew services! We understand that getting your first job on board isn’t always easy, so we decided to put some resources together to help you kick start your career!


The Ultimate Crew E-Course

This is a content rich course called ‘Yachting 101.’ Access your free e-book to gain a full understanding about the ins and outs of the industry and how you can optimise your yachting career.


Yachting CV’s can be a bit tricky to do, have a look at our CV Toolkit here:

Hear it first hand from experienced crew

Our Green Crew interview series serves to inspire you as well as give you some great advice on what to do when looking for your first job on board.
See our YouTube channel here.

Watch the Green Crew interview with Leishan:

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TCC Ultimate Crew is our exclusive facebook group for crew who are serious about yachting. In this group you will find invaluable support and guidance for your peers and mentors.

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