Quiz: Is yachting right for you?

Take our quiz to discover how well suited you are to a yachting career!

Whether you’re just starting out, have been crewing for a few years or are building a long term professional yachting career, this quick quiz will help you discover whether yachting and you are a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster.

Chose your closest response to each question:

1. You are all set to catch a flight tomorrow to attend your best friend’s wedding when you get an unexpected call from the boss saying he’s arriving tonight, meaning you can’t leave the boat. Do you:

2. One of your fellow crew members has terrible table manners and is constantly burping, slurping and chewing with his mouth open. Do you:

3. The chef has just got back with a full season’s worth of provisions and is busily hauling shopping onto the boat, and you are right in the middle of finishing a job in your department. Do you:

4. You really want a payrise but in order to move up to the next level you need to invest more money in qualifications and training, which your yacht is not going to pay for. Do you:

5. You’ve been out every night this week and are feeling pretty jaded. The owner is coming tomorrow but your best mate just got into town and you really want to catch up. Do you:

6. Your yacht pulls into a gorgeous port you have always wanted to visit and you desperately want to go ashore but can’t because you have guests onboard. Do you:

7. A new crew member joins with slightly more experience than you but who doesn't know your yacht and needs help fitting into the team. Do you:

8. You've been in yachting a couple of years and have been earning a decent salary. Have you:

9. You’ve been working for six weeks straight without a day off. Are you:

10. You haven't seen your family and friends for months and are feeling really homesick. Do you:

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