HOD’s Onboard workshops

Onboard workshops for Heads of Departments. Our signature courses are geared to not only upskill crew in further developing key leadership skills but to also bring about long-lasting positive change. 

Topics include:

  • discover your leadership goals and a means to achieve them
  • learn to work with cultural diversity thereby building a unified and results-driven team
  • effective communication skills
  • conflict resolution strategies
  • how to manage stress and burn out
  • understanding your leadership style and how this influences your team
  • identifying your strengths and values
  • understanding emotional intelligence and how this impacts your role as a leader
  • increasing crew engagement, productivity and quality of work
  • how to attract and secure quality crew
  • successfully facilitate meetings, performance appraisals, mediations, exit interviews
  • build high-performance teams

How this works:

  • Each yacht is a unique identity hence their learning goals will vary. To ensure optimal learning success we tailor the workshops specifically to meet your needs. You choose your modules, we build and deliver the content. 
  • Face-to-Face or virtual training delivery available
  • Email karine@thecrewcoach.com for further details
Leadership Development - The Crew Coach
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