Mental Health Awareness awareness course for yacht crew
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Course Dates 2024

4-Hour Live Course

€187 / per person


Time : 09.00 am CET

Join us and learn how to identify and support yourself and others going through mental health challenges.

Seize the opportunity to upskill to inspire a healthier culture on board your vessel.

Why I Created the

Mental Health Awareness Course

Hi there! I’m Karine, my background is in Organisational Psychology and Psychology, which has allowed me to create bespoke services for Crew. I wanted to give back even more after seeing thousands of Yacht Crew for counselling for varying issues. It was clear that yachties were looking for resources and tools to recognise the signs of mental health issues and to better take care of their own and their team members.

This is not a generic Mental Health First Aid Course but rather a professional course that speaks directly to yachties and the yachting industry.

This course has been a long time coming and I am thrilled that it has finally launched!

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Meet Emma, our Mental Health Facilitator

I worked in the Yachting Industry for several years as a Chief Stewardess. I loved the travel and sunshine, but I was looking after everyone but myself in this demanding work environment. I experienced burnout, physical illness, and my mental health suffered.

I left the industry to dedicate time to myself and determine my next steps. Personal therapy drastically improved my self-awareness and positively impacted my life. Following this, I was inspired to return to University to pursue a Master’s in Psychotherapy.

I volunteered for The Samaritans, where I supported individuals, some experiencing extreme mental health crises. Through this experience, I aim to provide a supportive, safe space for individuals to discuss their mental health by listening and supporting them with their issues.

I’m passionate about mental health and improving awareness around the topic. Having the tools to look after ourselves and each other properly is critical. As a result, I see the importance of courses like ‘The Mental Health First Aid Course’, which provides comprehensive knowledge and confidence to discuss our mental health.

Outside of work, I juggle motherhood with dog walks, plenty of coffee and croissants. My mission is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing mental health challenges, and I am determined to dismantle stigma through education and a compassionate approach.

Group sessions Available

If you would like your Department or the entire team to be upskilled in Mental Health, we would happily offer you a private booking. Dates and times will be flexible, and there is an option for on board workshops. Please email Karine at to make further enquiries. 

Why the Mental Health Awareness Course could be for you:

👉Are you struggling to identify the different types of Mental Health issues?

👉Are you striving to be a better support to colleagues and friends?

👉Do you want to be confident in recognising the warning signs of mental ill-health (in yourself and others)?

👉Do you want to design a healthier work-place culture that promotes well-being?


Then you do not want to miss out on The Crew Coach’s bespoke Mental Health Awareness Course. 


This is a 4-hour online course that covers various aspects of Mental Health and Mental Health conditions.

Course Modules

MODULE 1 : Understanding Mental Health

MODULE 2 : What Is the Mental Health Continuum?

MODULE 3 : What is Stigma and how to combat it?

MODULE 4 : Mental Health conditions including:

Causes of mental health issues



Panic Attacks

Substance Abuse 



Eating disorders

MODULE 5 : Causes of Psychological Injury in the Workplace

MODULE 6 : Self harm, Suicide & Bullying

MODULE 7 : Burnout, Stress & Stress management


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Nicole Collen

“Don’t hesitate to sign up; you will become equipped with tools to help you lead teams onboard yachts and be more empathetic and aware.”

I found the “causes of psychological injury” section especially interesting as most of the points I’ve personally experienced to some degree on various yachts. It made me think about how the crews I’ve worked with have been affected as individuals by these circumstances, which are written off as “normal” in the yachting industry. The group discussion on discrimination and a personal story opened my eyes to how easily a comment made with little thought in a group setting can negatively impact a crew member.

Captain Anthony Portrait

Captain Anthony

“I highly recommend the course and believe it should be mandatory for all HOD positions.”

Most of the main contributing factors to mental health concerns are very present in our daily lives on board yachts, meaning that most, if not all, crew are at risk. Stress and anxiety are more common on board than I was previously aware. I enjoyed the way Emma conducted the course. It was professional yet very personal and open. As a group, we had very valid, open and honest discussions. There is so much content to cover.  I highly recommend the course and believe it should be mandatory for all HOD positions.

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Edward Islam

“I loved the group discussions we had with one another in the group, we all felt safe to share our lived experiences

My key learnings from the course are to observe others more, be empathetic, recognise the different levels of expression of feelings from everyone and check in with myself.

Doing the course helps you open up your mind to a different way of thinking, and you may discover new ways of handling situations around Mental Health.

This course is an eye-opener and something we all need to do and increase awareness. 

Either Emma or Karine will be your facilitators for the course. Emma and Karine are both practising therapists so you will receive the highest quality of education and support. 

The GUEST IAMI program has told us that they would be happy to accredit our course as we have the credentials and expertise to specialise in providing Mental Health Training. If Crew would like for the course to be GUEST IAMI Accredited, we have no issue going this route. There will be an additional small charge for those who want a certificate.

Mental Health Awareness provides you with a comprehensive understanding of various Mental Health issues, including the signs and symptoms. If you are not familiar with existing Mental Health conditions then you will not be in a position to deliver Mental Health First Aid.

Karine has degrees in Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Counselling. She has been working as a trained practitioner for almost 10 years. Emma has a Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent’s University of London. She is working towards her MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

We are expecting it be ready by January 2024

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