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Have you ever felt exhausted, anxious and alone, but didn’t know who to talk to and how to move forward..?

If you’re a yacht crew member who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed and you need to make healthy and positive changes in your life, you can start the journey today.

The counselling sessions for yacht crew I offer are:

Confidential – Your bookings will never be disclosed to anyone. What is discussed during your sessions stays at your sessions.

Yachting-specific – As a former chief stewardess and the owner of a leading training brand offering excellence in on board teaming building workshops, leadership intensives and coaching for yacht crew, I understand the unique demands and culture of our industry from the get-go.

Effective – My clients have overcome a range of issues from burnout to bullying, sexual harassment to depression and anxiety. As I understand the on board environment and pressures of yachting, I provide clients with long-term solutions that work.

Evidence-based – I apply modern evidence-based practices, backed by my qualifications in psychology and counselling, and my years of experience as a clinician and counsellor.

Convenient – Counselling from the convenience of your device at a time that suits you. I have availability for all time zones.

Myth: “If you can’t handle the pressure, it’s not the right industry for you”

Endurance and resilience are highly valued traits for most roles in the yachting industry. So it’s not uncommon to hear statements like, “If you can’t handle the pressure, it’s not the right industry for you” or variations such as, “Just move on” or “Toughen up”. 

But have you ever heard these words uttered in relation to a serious physical injury? When was the last time you heard of a captain being asked to work with a broken arm or a bosun with a spinal injury expected to abandon their rehab treatment to start charter season?

Physical injuries are usually taken seriously, and seeing a doctor, physiotherapist or other specialists isn’t seen as a source of shame. The same cannot be said when seeking help for stress, emotional trauma and psychological injuries. While mental health issues are not as visible, they can affect our well being as much as physical injuries. Despite society’s changing attitudes towards mental health care, therapy still carries a stigma in the yachting industry.

Therefore, it’s very telling that a staggering 75% of crew members believe the industry isn’t doing enough to deal with mental health problems and look after the well-being of crew; 70% believe there is no support in place for crew members who need mental healthcare.

If you struggle with mental health problems involving burnout, sexual harassment, bullying, trauma, depression and anxiety, you’re not in the minority. It’s more common than you think.

In the yachting industry:

Mental health-svg

72% of crew suffer from mental health conditions or know someone who has

See footnotes - 1

40% of crew have experienced unwanted physical contact on board

See footnotes - 2

50% of crew have experienced unwanted sexual or sexist comments on board

See footnotes - 3

51% of crew have experienced depression

See footnotes - 4

45% of crew have experienced anxiety and panic attacks

See footnotes - 5

13% of crew have experienced suicidal thoughts

See footnotes - 6

19% of crew have experienced Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

See footnotes - 7

In the maritime shipping industry:

26% of seafarers show signs of depression

See footnotes - 8

17% of seafarers suffer from anxiety

See footnotes - 9

20% of seafarers have contemplated suicide or self-harm

See footnotes - 10


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As you can see from the above statistics, it’s common for crew to suffer from high levels of stress and mental health issues on board. Crew may experience the inability to focus, sleep problems, diminishing confidence, deteriorating personal relationships, among other symptoms. Fortunately, the right mental health care can provide healthy long-term solutions.

Since engaging with our counselling service, crew members have developed resilience and effective coping skills and have been able to re-establish a healthy way of living.

Whether you want to overcome a specific obstacle or improve your general quality of life, counselling can help you reach your goals.

Online Counselling Services for Yacht Crew

Yachting is already a more demanding environment than most – with its long hours, confined working and living quarters and a heavy workload.

Meanwhile, stressful life events occurring back at home, such as the death of a loved one or a relationship break up, can bring about distressing thoughts and impact your levels of productivity. 

What can be even worse is when the problems you’re facing are on board. Harassment and bullying by other crew members, clients or even the yacht owner, are common problems. When you’re living and working in the same place 24/7, it can be difficult to remove yourself from the environment immediately or find someone to confide in without feeling like a burden.

Harassment and bullying should not be tolerated – you have the right to feel both physically and emotionally safe at all times. If you’re the target of these unacceptable behaviours, or feel overwhelmed and fearful of your safety, I urge you to book a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with me, your mental health should always be prioritised.

Book my 15 minute discovery session.

Here are some of the common types of counselling that I offer my clients, as well as useful resources.

Burnout Prevention & Treatment

Burnout is rife in yachting. Learn sustainability strategies to prevent and treat burnout and regain your energy.

Yachting International Radio video on Burnout and Mental Exhaustion

Sexual Harassment Counselling

Share in a safe space and discuss strategies on how to  deal with harassment.

Article on Sexual Harassment Within the Superyacht Industry.


Bullying is all too common in yachting. Discuss practical ways of dealing with bullies in the short and long term.

Article on Why are Bullies, Bullies?


Mental Health

The demanding nature of yachting can trigger or worsen anxiety and depression. Undergo therapies that will help you treat and manage the underlying causes.

Yachting International Radio video on how Holly worked through depression in therapy.


Alcohol and drugs are often used as a crutch to cope with other problems. We focus on how to treat, recover from and manage addictions to drugs and alcohol and deal with the root causes.

Yachting International Radio piece: 

Couples Therapy

A productive and positive way in addressing hurdles in your relationship so that you can achieve a healthy and happy relationship moving forward.

Single Counselling Session

  • Single 1 hr Session

6 Counselling Sessions

  • 6 X 1 hr sessions

My Therapeutic Solutions and Background

My name is Karine Rayson and I’m a former superyacht chief stewardess and the Director of The Crew Coach. 

As a counsellor, I help clients to find greater life satisfaction by overcoming one’s personal limitations. I’m passionate about providing clients with a safe, non-judgemental space to promote overall growth and well being, and improve their self-esteem and confidence. 

Below are the types of therapies I use:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Person-centred therapy
  • Positive psychology 

I possess a wealth of clinical experience in mental healthcare, having worked in correctional facilities across Australia as well as providing hundreds of client hours to yacht crew. I’ve helped clients recover from substance addiction, depression and anxiety, and grief and trauma. Having previously worked in male prisons and with female parolees, I specialise in both men’s health and women’s health. I’m adept at helping clients to process distressing events and deal with workplace issues and other personal problems or challenges.

 As a mental health educator, my passion for mental health has led me to facilitate onboard and virtual workshops on how to deal with a range of mental health issues and produce free online resources. Furthermore, for three years, I’ve done weekly spots on The Wellbeing Project, a video channel that provides free resources on mental healthcare for yacht crew. In early 2021, I was elected to the Professional Yachting Association Network for the Wellbeing committee, and I have also been awarded the Acrew Duty of Care. 

Karine Rayson

Online Counselling Services for Yacht Crew

3 Step Process For Booking a Counselling Session

If you’re a new client seeking online counselling for yacht crew, just follow this easy process.


  1. “Get-to-Know You” – Book an initial 15 minute session at a time that suits you – it’s at no cost to you and obligation-free.


  1. “Let’s Meet” – I’ll email you a 15 minute appointment link via Zoom and to help me understand you and your challenges a little better, and you can experience my approach and ask questions.


  1. “Further Catch-ups” – From there, the decision is all yours. For counselling to be effective, you need to feel that you can develop a therapeutic relationship with me before making a commitment. If you would like to book individual sessions or a pack of 6 sessions with a 15% discount. The cost is €132 including GST for a one hour session.

“Let’s meet” – complimentary 15 minute discovery session

If you feel that counselling may be a helpful solution to your needs or have any questions, please book your free 15 minute call by clicking on the button above..


If you’re an existing client book an appointment by clicking on the above button. Please note upfront payment is required before booking

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There is a 15% discount available for a bulk purchase of 6 sessions. These sessions do not expire.

All sessions are strictly confidential, insightful and tailored to your needs, providing you with a safe space to unload. Talk with a qualified, experienced counsellor and ex-yachtie who gets it.

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