People & Culture

Invest in your crew for greater return all round. We function as a neutral human resource department whereby we take care of the management of crew personnel in ensuring turn over is reduced and crew engagement is optimised.

We partner with you and your crew to:

  • execute crew performance reviews and appraisals
  • access a validated profiling tool for the development and recruitment of quality crew personnel
  • bespoke crew opinion surveys to determine the culture, engagement and satisfaction onboard
  • screening, interviewing and exit strategies
  • identifying and developing the onboard culture and aligning it with the recruitment Strategy and overarching vision of the super yacht
  • providing Captains/Heads of Departments with an evaluation of their current strengths and weaknesses
  • strategies on how to leverage crew strengths and enhance their areas for development
  • timely strategies on how to build a cohesive team
  • skills in managing crew dynamics

For a 20 minutes complimentary consultation

People & Culture Specialists - The Crew Coach