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Personnel Profiling


We are the only algorithm-based profiling tech software firm designed specifically for the assessment of crew personnel. Our profiling tool is geared to differentiate between ‘natural behaviour’ and ‘adjusted behaviour’. As a result, we are able to screen for the most competitive crew members to fit the position you are requiring to fill. We save you time and ultimately money by allowing you to handpick the best candidates in less time and with greater confidence.

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DISC Advanced - The Crew Coach

Crew Dynamics

Crew are your biggest resource. A fragmented team will result in operational risks and decline in service standards as well as increase your workload. Ensure that your crew are engaged and working at their optimum so that you can get maximum results.

Our profiling tool is geared to:

  • inform the team dynamics thereby mitigating against operational risks.
  • identify personal strengths and areas for development.
  • provides strategies to assist crew members to moderate workplace behaviours to achieve better results
  • achieve real outcomes in the work environment
  • provides management with action plans relating specifically to the person’s behavioural styles.

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Performance Appraisal and DISC Profile

Getting feedback from my crew members and chatting about it with Karine definitely opened my mind on how I can improve on my communication skills as well as my ability to manage and lead people. I think every yacht of 8 crew or more should be doing those evaluations. Great and easy tool to get better professionally and personally.

Chief Officer

Performance Appraisal and DISC Profile

I’ve learned my weakness as well as strengths and how to work towards becoming a stronger leader overall


Chief Stew

DISC Profile 

I chose this specific service because I wanted to have a second opinion and reassurance that I am familiar with my own traits and characteristics.

The DISC confirmed for me that I am progressing in the right direction. The detailed report along with the coaching session with Karine has motivated me to nurture my positive and strong traits and work hard on improving the weaker ones.

I think that the entire Yachting industry would benefit from using the DISC and Coaching …  a little bit of soul searching would not hurt it.