Superyacht Advanced Leadership Course

Helping superyacht crew leaders to inspire confidence and command respect by honing their natural leadership style

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Next Start date 11th June 2024

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Our superyacht leadership and management course is designed for captains, pursers, chief officers, chief engineers, chief and 2nd stewards and 2nd stewardesses, chefs and bosuns. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Leveraging your unique leadership style – identifying it and using it to your advantage
  • Confident conflict resolution – how to manage different personalities and complex situations
  • Communicating with influence – leading with natural authority
  • How to motivate Crew so that they feel energised and inspired
  • How to deliver feedback and build robust performance reviews and interview questions
  • Stress management –handling pressure from superiors as well as the day-to-day stressors associated with a leadership role, while protecting your team
  • How to develop an inspiring vision and mission
  • How to decrease levels of stress and burnout
  • Increasing staff retention – retaining top crew members and reducing turnover
  • Understanding management styles and how to be a transformational leader

We accept intakes of only 10 people per course, to ensure you get the individual attention you need.

A Transformative Leadership Course – Why We’re Different

Our highly interactive superyacht advanced leadership course offers three unique benefits:

Designed on a modern framework of positive psychology and organisational psychology principles

– The Course was developed by the Owner of The Crew Coach, Karine Rayson. She was a former Chief Stew, and now has 4 degrees behind her making her a reputable accredited trainer and clinician.

10 weeks of group coaching calls

– Guiding you every step of the way to ensure that you’ve been able to learn and apply the course content for your long-term personal transformation

Identifying, managing and inspiring teams using your natural leadership style

– This practical course is about how you can become a transformational leader - the latest leadership style. This course will guarantee Leadership confidence and success. Your leadership challenges will be a thing of the past as we support you to implement all the theory and training that you’ll learn.

karine rayson profile

Having all the tickets or certificates behind you does not qualify you to be an exceptional leader nor does it automatically command respect. Our industry is in dire need of positive leadership. Your best leaders are the ones that are dedicated to learning and being the best version of themselves for their team. Leaders who don’t see the need to develop their leadership skills are the ones who are most at risk of ruining their reputation and creating long-lasting damage.

In most management courses, you’ll learn a lot of leadership theories and styles. While it’s important to understand the theory, it’s just as important to develop your own leadership style based on your unique strengths and talents. And this is exactly what we do in my signature leadership course; we hone in on your natural talent and reduce potential leadership risk. This course, is the most in depth and robust leadership course we have within our industry. You cannot become an effective leader in a short leadership course.

Having degrees in organisational psychology, psychology, counselling and business, I have ensured that my students grow into confident and inspiring leaders. I am passionate about leadership as I have seen how poor leadership has negatively impacted individuals lives. As an industry, I believe, we are responsible for bringing this to an end. Our course is unique in that we nurture our students throughout the course which guarantees optimal leadership performance.

This is not your average leadership course, be prepared to experience long-lasting personal and professional transformation.

If we can teach leaders how to inspire greatness, not only will we have positive role models, we’ll also have a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce creating an exceptional experience for Superyacht Owners.




Meet your Course Educator


Jules’s wealth of experience and her passion for optimistic and effective crew dynamics drove her to join The Crew Coach. Having personally benefited from the Advanced Leadership course, she recognises its transformative potential in helping Crew realise their highest leadership ambitions. As an accredited trainer for unit 22, Jules is dedicated to creating a supportive and dynamic learning experience that empowers crew members to thrive in their roles and create positive change within the yachting industry. With eight years in the Yachting Industry and six years of managing a business in the corporate world, Jules has a lot of value to bring to the table.


Julie Langlois

What Our Students Had to Say About the Course

Aleksandra James

Aleksandra James Purser

“The course exceeded my expectations and gave me tools to better manage my team.”

The course exceeded my expectations and gave me tools to better manage my team, and I definitely will grow as a leader. Thanks to the course, I can better recognise and understand my team members’ behaviours, and address any possible issues sooner. I have become more approachable and open towards the team members and their needs. My relationships with the team have improved. Thanks to the course and the tools I was given, it was much easier to handle the difficult time of the Covid-19 lockdown and busy operational times. I managed to keep the team motivated and happy. I would recommend the course to the Captains and Heads of Departments in yachting.

Naomi Martyn

Naomi Martyn Chief Stewardess

“I loved the course so much and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, my confidence has grown.”

I was surprised how much I really needed some external guidance and support when I wasn’t getting it on board. My confidence started growing again, I got positive and constructive feedback from my workmates, and I learnt so much about myself, and also improved my leadership skills. The best part was seeing me reach all of my goals I set at the start. Thank you very much Karine for your support & guidance! I loved the course so much and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, my confidence has grown and I reached the goals I set out to achieve with the course 🙂

Tiffany Swannack

Tiffany Swannack Second Stewardess

“The best ‘aha’ moment is – learning that I can be a great leader and have been a great one this season, thanks for all of the content and resources and your constant support!”

In the “feedback” module, I actually found out how others perceived me and how they view me. This was so different to how I saw myself, there was some constructive feedback as well as positive inputs that I never saw in myself. The “limiting beliefs” module was fantastic – that helped me cancel out the negative self-talk and also made me realise where it stemmed from! I’m now able to set goals, expectations, etc, without anything really holding me back in my mind. The best “aha” moment is – learning that I can be a great leader and have been a great one this season, thanks for all of the content and resources and your constant support!

Portrait of Natasha Downing

Natasha Downing Purser

“Don’t think twice about doing this course! This Leadership course will benefit you professionally and personally in ways you couldn’t imagine”.

Wow!! This course is life-changing! I went into this not knowing how deep we would be going and had no idea how much self-reflection it would entail, it truly pushed me out of my comfort zone and into my growth zone! Karine, you are a wealth of knowledge and I felt so privileged to be able to learn and grow from you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your mission inspires me and I can see you deeply love what you do, I can’t wait to ‘watch this space as you transition into motherhood and I am definitely onboard for the next course that you facilitate. Don’t think twice about doing this course! This Leadership course will benefit you professionally and personally in ways you couldn’t imagine. Get ready to find out who you are, what makes you tick, why you are here and how you can become a transformational leader!

portrait of emile jansen

Emile Jansen Captain

If you want to be a true leader and not just someone at the top of the chain with stripes on your shoulder, this is a course that helps you be better in all those aspects.

I think the course can only go from strength to strength the longer it is around and the more people become aware of it. It is important to know and to stress that it is not a course that is more for the “interior” crew in fact it is excellent for crew working on deck! Male crew should be especially more willing and open to enrolling in this course. The valuable impact it will have on them and consequently, the industry is limitless. This course is a great tool to help you realise your mistakes, and the possible errors in your ways of leading and the content guides you to become a better leader and leave a positive impact in the industry going forward.

The Crew Coach Advanced Leadership Course is a course that really makes you think deeply and dig into topics that might not easily be addressed. If you want to be a true leader and not just someone at the top of the chain with stripes on your shoulder, this is a course that helps you be better in all those aspects. The first step is to want to become a better leader and realise there is room for growth in everyone, and then the next step should be an easy decision to join this course.

Portrait image of Donne Hodges

Donne Hodges Chief Stewardess

Karine and the Advanced Leadership Course held me accountable and guided me to become the confident, compassionate leader that I always wanted to be.”

This course has honestly been life-changing for me. I have a deeper understanding of who I am as a person and who I want to be as a leader. I have a better understanding of how to support my team by setting goals and working with their strengths and weaknesses. It has taught me what it means to become a transformational leader. I would highly recommend this course to absolutely anyone in a leadership role or anyone hoping to step into a leadership role in the near future. This course really opened my eyes to what true leadership means and how involved it can be. It has provided me with a road map to be the best version of myself so that I can try and help my team be the best version of themselves. I can’t tell you how much value I found in this course. I have a better understanding of who I am and how I want to lead a team. It helped me set goals and worked out an action plan on how I was going to achieve these goals. Karine and the Advanced Leadership Course held me accountable and guided me to become the confident, compassionate leader that I always wanted to be.

Thank you Karine for everything. I honestly couldn’t be more proud of the place I am in today and it is because of your guidance and support. I am eternally grateful!

Chief Officer Callum Du Plessis

Callum Du Plessis Chief officer

“I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about leadership and management in the industry. It’s a comprehensive and valuable learning experience that goes beyond expectations.”

Julie was a fantastic instructor. Her empathetic teaching style and attentiveness made the course highly enjoyable. She delivered the course expertly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

My leadership goals before the course were mainly to become a better leader and lead my team effectively.

I plan to implement my learnings in the new year, and I’m optimistic about reaching my goals.

Key learnings include empathy, improved listening skills, self-awareness, and strategies for dealing with different people. Additionally, I gained insights into my own shortcomings and weaknesses as a leader.

I loved the group coaching! These personalised interactions provided valuable insights and guidance that significantly contributed to my learning.

I’ve already applied many of the learnings from the course in my leadership approach. I’ve become a better listener, more empathetic, and more effective in handling interpersonal dynamics.

Hanna second stewardess

Hanna second stewardess

“This is such an amazing course which is not only valuable in your work but in all areas of your life. It’s such a gift to yourself (and the people around you) and it gives you an opportunity to really deep dive if you want. It’s learning about yourself as a person, as a  leader and how to be able to understand and support your team better and create an amazing work environment and overall make an impact on the industry!”

It just been so amazing to be on this journey with Jules. She makes you feel supported, heard and shares so much valuable information.

Why I chose this course was because one of the things I wanted was to get out of bad habits and behaviours that I could see and notice within myself. I wanted to gain more information, learn and become a better person and leader.

This course has met my goals and beyond! The course has helped me with my vague goals I had prior to the course and it has helped me set new goals, helped me understand myself and what I want and I am so excited to keep working towards my new goals.

There has been many learnings from the course but for me in general I think, understanding myself and my values, feedback and communication, and setting goals.

I have really enjoyed the coaching calls and wish there was more time so they could go on for longer. I know that is difficult but they have been super valuable. Ive enjoyed having to push myself when it’s been a bit tough, and I ve enjoyed seeing my own growth during the course. I have also really enjoyed going back and reading Jules comments on the assessments and then going back and reading things that Ive written and thinking, wow thats great!


Steph Jacobs purser profile picture

Steph Jacobs Purser

“DO IT! It is the most useful and practical course that I have done to date. I have experienced so much growth and change from it and I think that I am now a more rounded leader.”

Jules, you were so helpful and guided us through the course work beautifully. I really appricated how open you were to hearing what was happening for us and took the time to take our real world experience in and use it to teach us. I found that really rewarding and it made me feel much more connected to what was going on.

You listened with so much intent and curiosity and not only did it feel like you were an instructor but you were there to really help us on a grass roots level to progress.

My leadership goal was to  to bring together and learn a wide variety of strategies that I could use on a daily basis.

What I also really appreciated about the course was that it gave us long term goals to work toward during and after. It has helped me to apply myself after the learning has been done and continue to grow.

My key learning from the course was CURIOSTY – Staying curious was and is my biggest take away. I hear myself saying that to myself on a regular basis now and it has helped me navigate some challenging things which so much more calmness and ease. It is incredible how that one words has really helped me to feel like a much stronger leader, take my personal feelings out the a problem adn feel like I am there in a much more useful way for my crew

I loved the the bi weekly calls. I found them a great way to connect and not feel alone. It was great to hear an experience that someone was having on another yacht. It made me feel much more understood and also provided me with unexpected ways to grow as I heard the challenges that he faced.

What I have applied since doing the course is

Active listening

Different leadership styles

I am much more reflective

I am much more aware of my vales and use them to guide me

I am much more in tune with picking up other peoples values and what is important to them

I can see and celebrate peoples strengths, weaknesses and diversity much more

I am much more aware of how i sabotage myself

I have just completed a round of interviews and my whole interviewing technique changed. I do not see the yacht like I used to and use the time to find out about the person and ask behavioural questions. Although I did a lot of this questioning before, I do not think that I used it to my advantage or effectively

I find myself coming to a collaborative way to problem solve much more than I ever have and I get a buzz when other people mention they want to work more collaboratively

I am much more open to conflict and see that it to has a value

I take into consideration the generational age gap re working and see how it impacts us on different levels

I celebrate my growth and can see it much more than I ever have before.

We asked some of our students... On a scale of 1 -10, how much value did you get from the course?

 “TWENTY!!!! Hahaha definitely way more than a 10. ⁠This course has given me way more than I expected and it is so worth every penny and all the time in the world! You have truly been a magnificent coach & leader throughout all of this..

“10 – I got a lot of value from the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It pushed me to think outside of the box, I learnt more about myself, and I improved my leadership skills. I reached my goal to become 2nd stewardess, and I believe working with Karine helped me to reach these goals :)”

Course Delivery Method – Your Superyacht Leadership Academy

We use blended learning delivery via our virtual learning platform, live coaching calls and recorded replay access, making this convenient for wherever you’re home, in the office, at port or on charter. We understand that life as a crew leader can be hectic, so if you miss a call, listen to the replay at a time that suits you.

10 Weeks

Plus 2 implementation weeks to allow students the space and time to work through their course so that they don’t feel behind.

8 Modules

Drip-fed content through our easy-to-navigate learning platform to ensure a manageable workload.

10 weeks of Coaching Calls

2 live interactive group coaching sessions per week to guide you through the course content and current learnings.

Superyacht Leadership Transformation

Content Breakdown

Through guided self-reflection, you’ll gain clarity on what goals you want to set for yourself and identify your milestones and potential challenges. You’ll create your own leadership vision which charts a path towards your transformation as a more confident leader, able to leverage your own unique style  to engender trust and cultivate a sense of belonging and psychological safety on board.

This module will help you understand how to use renowned feedback tools to boost your personal growth. You’ll also learn how to shift your mindset into a leadership mindset – aka unleashing YOUR potential. Through the process of introspection, you’ll become a confident leader.

These two modules dive into the drivers behind our behaviours. By identifying your core values, you’ll observe how they are influential in making decisions that are right for you. You’ll master the art of collaboration by putting your soft skills into action.

Don’t like conflict? Don’t worry many of our leadership students didn’t either. After completing this module you will learn to LOVE conflict. By Identifying the reasons for conflict, we’ll learn techniques to defuse conflict situations effectively and efficiently.

In this module, we’ll look at how you can build HR systems and processors onboard. We will identify a powerful vision that your crew wants to invest in so that you can have a long-lasting positive working culture. You will also learn how to create performance review questions, behavioural style hiring questions, exit interviews as well as an onboarding/induction checklist.

Learn effective time management strategies to reduce overwhelm and stress. We’ll give you the tools to prevent burnout and manage your stress so you can optimise your performance as well as your team’s.

Part of being an accomplished 21st century leader is learning the difference between generations and how they approach the workplace. Get to know the different generations, how to work with them and how to build generational bridges so that you feel less frustrated and more at ease. 

BONUS: 8 weeks of support with Your Superyacht Leadership Coach!

Our course comes with two group coaching calls a week! In contrast, several similar courses offer about three hours of one-on-one calls in total. Our approach allows you to share the leadership journey with your peers and build a friendly and supportive long-term network. We cap our intake at 10 students, so you can be sure that our group calls are responsive to your needs.

Our coaching will help you to:

  • Identify your visions and goals and set a plan for achieving them.
  • Overcome day-to-day leadership challenges
  • Establish self-belief and confidence
  • Find and maintain motivation to reach your leadership goals
  • Have access to a positive network of high-achieving leaders
  • Openly express your thoughts and ideas in a safe space
  • Gain increased self-awareness
  • Find your zone of genius


Payment Plan Option

Payment Plan €527.00 Per month for 6 months
for 6 months
  • Flexible pament plan option

Pay in Full

Save €165
  • save €165


Are You Ready to Take the Leap to Become a Transformational Leader?

This course will take 8 weeks plus 2 implementation weeks. Yachting is unpredictable so we have included two weeks off should you need to catch up on the course content.

This course is suitable for Captains, Chief Stewards and Stewardesses, Head of Service, Chefs, 2nd Stewards and Stewardesses, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers and Bosuns.

This depends on your English fluency levels and/or whether you have any learning difficulties. We’d recommend allowing about 5–6 hours per week, including the group calls. (Less than an hour a day)

The calls are recorded so you can watch the replay.

Yes, it is a GUEST IAMI accredited Advanced Leadership course. Upon completion, you’ll achieve the IAMI GUEST Advanced Leadership Certificate free of charge.

Yes, there are written and practical assignments. We do accommodate for learning difficulties.

You will have eight weeks after the course completion date to submit any outstanding assignments.

This course is run online via zoom and your online learning portal.

Karine Rayson has a double major in Organisational Psychology and Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Business and Counselling. She has well passed over 3000 hours of teaching and counselling. And has also previously worked onboard as a Chief Stew.

You’ll need to be in a current leadership role or have completed a foundational leadership course. You will need a laptop, basic computer skills and reasonably good wifi. 

This practical course is suitable for anyone who is in a leadership role onboard a Superyacht and wants to grow their leadership skills and confidence. Learning shouldn’t stop once you are a leader, it is a continuous journey.

You’ll walk away from this course with the confidence you need to influence and inspire your team through your newly acquired leadership skills, resulting in a happier you and a happier team.

Don’t Yet Have Time for the Course but Want Great Leadership Tips?

If you’re a Head of Department or wanting to be in a senior role onboard in the industry, you may be interested in our resource: 47 Tips on How to Become an Outstanding Leader offers advice on how to become an exceptional and emotionally intelligent leader. Grab your free copy today!