The Crew Coach Tribe Membership

Join the Yacht Crew professional growth hub! An exclusive Yacht Crew membership providing Crew with powerful resources and unlimited support to help them become leading yachting professionals!

What is The Crew Coach Tribe Membership?

When we don’t find time to invest in ourselves, we can become stagnant in our growth and lose track of our vision and what we want to achieve. 

Sadly, opportunities to invest in professional development and make authentic connections with like-minded individuals are not always readily available. 

Having worked in the industry and having degrees in psychology, organisational psychology, counselling and business, I have created a long-needed platform for Crew to upskill and preserve their well-being while having constant support wherever they are in the world.

Superyacht Crew can now reach their potential through the membership resources and lead more connected and inspired lives.

The Crew Coach Tribe Membership is the world’s first professional development membership for yachties, perfectly tailored to suit their nomadic lifestyle and its challenges. This is your opportunity to be part of a community that gets you.

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What Do We Offer?

Move from where you are now to where you want to be and become an inspiration to others through exclusive access to:

  • World-class Guest Experts – Live sessions with entrepreneurs, organisational transformation leaders, ation and conflict resolution specialists, productivity coaches and many more!  
  • Live Workshops – Learn crucial soft skills that will catapult your career success. Some of our past workshops include stress management, having difficult conversations, 7 pillars of confidence, and finding a sense of calm and balance.
  • Virtual Chit Chat Session – Lean on your support network to gain clarity on challenges you may be faced with. Inspire and help others navigate challenges in both personal and professional life in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Guest Experts

We are proud to have an international line-up of guest experts making our content even more unique. Here are just three of our dozens of brilliant guest speakers.

Rory’s strategies have been developed and honed from over 20 years of personal experience. Everything he teaches has come from his own real-world experiences and of those he has coached. He has built highly successful and profitable training departments from the ground up. As a speaker and trainer, he has given training for clients such as Universal Studios Retail Stores, conducted leadership seminars for clients such as Alcoa and Rexnord, and keynoted national conventions.

Rory’s passion is in making a difference in people’s lives. He does that by teaching the culmination of everything he has learned about success over the past 20 years.

Rory Peters

Strategic Success Coach, a Speaker, a Leadership Trainer, and the author of two books

Joel helps people who are frustrated by conflict to learn to change conflict into collaboration easily and with low stress, even in highly resistant environments. Joel has years of experience as a practitioner and an instructor, and brings an uncommon mix of technical, business, human systems, and group psychology skills to organizational and team results improvement.

Joel foner

Results Improvement Catalyst, ACE Certified Executive Coach, Fearless Organization Scan Practitioner

Dominique Narciso is a Certified High Performance Coach™, Author of Live Your New Story: Discover Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life, a Motivational Speaker on Career Change, and host of the podcast The Positive Success Show. She helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers reach next level success in their professional lives.

Dom has led workshops and speeches with the US Embassy in South Korea, the US Embassy in Australia, McKinsey & Company in Seoul, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, and US Army Community Services, and Fulbright Scholars in South Korea.

Dominique Narciso

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dom served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica and also as a U.S. Diplomat in Peru. She has lived and worked in Venezuela, Peru, South Korea, Washington D.C., and currently in Australia. She earned her BA from UCLA and her Master’s from Georgetown University. She currently lives in Canberra with her spouse and three daughters.

How is Our Superyacht Membership Delivered?

This professional development membership for yacht crew members is delivered via:

Online membership portal

If you can’t make a live session, don’t worry! We have a content library hub! Our online membership portal houses all our content with an inbuilt search tool. If you are looking for specific training just search the topic, and all past content covering the subject will delivered to you. Our content comes with downloadable videos, transcripts and audio. Perfect for a crossing when you have some extra downtime to enjoy our content. 

“What’s New” email

Our “What’s New” email at the start of each week, to give you the line-up for the week so you know exactly what is happening when and make it SUPER easy to stay consistent. We also have a monthly growth guide, giving you the line-up of content for the month ahead.

Private Facebook group

Our private Facebook group, where you can find support buddies and build your network base, ask questions and receive relevant reminders.

We use blended learning delivery via our virtual learning platform, live coaching calls and recorded replay access, making this convenient for wherever your vessel is located. We understand that life onboard can be hectic, so if you miss a call, listen to the replay at a time that suits you.

Practical and Relevant Topics to Meet Your Needs

We’re regularly adding fresh topics to our live talks line-up and online superyacht training portal in response to the latest research in corporate psychology, career development and mental health.

You can be assured of content that’s relevant, impactful and practical, and designed to help you to conquer obstacles both onboard and offboard. Our topics include:

  • Finding purpose, direction and fulfilment
  • Self-care for superyacht crew members
  • Transformative leadership and organisational performance
  • Interpersonal skills to communicate with different generations
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Productivity systems and goal setting for success
  • Setting boundaries in complex situations
  • Personal finance such as credit scores, budgeting, savings, etc

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather a brief snapshot into what this membership offers you!

What’s Our Community Like? Here’s a Sneak Peek!

Read some of the comments, takeaways and WINS that our current Tribe members have shared with us. Our members enjoying our superyacht self-care and personal development training include captains, chief stewardesses and 2nd stewardesses, chefs, chief officers, bosuns and pursers.

Our supportive community is a safe space for all to share and feel connected.

Rosie Mira
Dean Pilatti
Holly Robertson
Sally de Cuyper
Megan Takeda
Rosie Mira
Ari Steele
Dean Pilatti

What Our Members Have to Say

Every month, we nominate and bestow Tribe Bright Awards to celebrate members and their accomplishments through the membership. Listen to what a few of these “Tribers” have to say about their experiences with The Crew Coach Tribe Membership.

Dominque Tribelhorn

“Dom was really struggling with some decisions and chose to join TCC Tribe as she wanted to be able to have a membership that gave her access to a group of like-minded individuals and resources to help her with personal & personal development goals. She said that the Optimism task showed her how to reflect and respond to an actual situation in her life. She has now learnt to look at difficult situations more positively and she is feeling less anxious.”

Dean Pilatti

“The biggest takeaway from our sessions with the speakers, with the groups themselves – which I just absolutely love – is the fact that I’m committing to ‘me’. 

With Karine and her guidance, I’m able to drive myself forward to being a better version of myself.”

Sandra Jordaan

“The thing I used to wish I had – when I was working on board – was a supportive community like this one. You can say the things that you’re going through and know that there are people who are facing the same challenges, even if those challenges are challenges around self-care.”

Invest in Yourself Today

Save 20% by investing in an annual membership or buy a no-lock-in monthly plan.

Our annual option is popular with clients of The Crew Coach as they’ve experienced success and results with our other services such as our Superyacht Advanced Leadership Course and the Discover your Career Potential Exit Strategy Course.

If you’d like to sample the membership first, we suggest you choose our monthly option and just cancel your subscription renewal if you decide that The Crew Coach Tribe isn’t for you. Easy.

Yacht Crew Membership Fee

00 Annual
  • 2 months free when you pay annually
  • X1 Internationally acclaimed Guest Expert Session per month
  • x1 Virtual networking per month
  • X1 Mini Training per month plus workbook
  • Unlock a full library of past materials
  • Access to our paid challenges for FREE
  • Unlimited access to our Tribe Community

Yacht Crew Membership Fee

00 Month
  • X1 Internationally acclaimed Guest Expert Session per month
  • X1 Mentorship Session per month
  • x1 Virtual networking per month
  • X1 Mini Training per month plus workbook
  • Unlock a full library of past materials
  • Access to our paid challenges for FREE
  • Unlimited access to our Tribe Community
  • Access our paid signature Masterclasses for FREE
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How do I know if this membership is for me?

It’s easy to find out – just answer the following checklist!

    1. Are you dedicated to advancing your career and leadership skills, aiming to catalyse positive change within the yachting industry?
    2. Are you wanting to access exclusive resources and expert-led sessions to enhance your skills, stay updated on industry trends, and advance your career?
    3. Do you want to connect with a tribe that understands your journey. Share your struggles, receive advice, and be part of a network committed to each other’s success?
    4. Do you want to be part of a community that supports its members and contributes to the betterment of the entire industry? Do you want to inspre and help others navigate challenges in both personal and professional aspects?

If you’ve said “Yes” to all of the above, then The Crew Coach Tribe Membership is for you!

Yachting can be quite isolating at times, especially if you’re on a yacht where you feel like you don’t relate to your peers. As we’re in a demanding industry that requires us to make sacrifices and to put our own needs aside, we may tend to neglect our personal dreams and goals. As a result, you may struggle with self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of clarity, which affects your general quality of life, career progression and even your health and relationships.

Ready to embark on a journey of growth, connection, and positive change? Join the Yacht Professional Growth Hub and be part of a community that lifts you higher!


Do you want to join Our Tribe? The doors to TCC Tribe only open a few times a year. Join our waitlist to get your exclusive invite.

If you’re ready to step into your own power and invest in yourself, then myself and your Tribe community can’t wait to help you get there! Sign up to get the keys to the inside!

Don’t miss out! Register now or join our waiting list for the next intake!

This is an online subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to your personal and professional ambitions! Every month you get inspiring content, access to guest experts, exclusive workshops and discounts, plus support from other members. 

Connect and engage with our members in our private Facebook group at any time, and join me for live group coaching sessions twice a month.

Of course, just email me at and we’ll cancel your subscription.

The Crew Coach Tribe Membership is totally risk-free. You’re not locked into anything and can cancel anytime. This is why we have a choice of a monthly and annual membership option.

If you want to sample the membership first, I suggest going for the monthly option. If you decide that TCC Tribe isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal so your payment method isn’t charged again. You will still be able to access and benefit from the Membership (including the private Facebook group) through to the last day of your subscription.

Each month includes a guest expert session, a group coaching session, a virtual chit chat session and a pre-recorded mini workshop. Live sessions normally take place on Thursdays with a couple of options to choose from so that we can accommodate the different time zones.

We also bestow monthly Tribe Bright Awards where we celebrate members and their accomplishments through the membership. We also have weekly posts where Tribe members get to engage in conversation around different topics and celebrate their wins. 

That’s up to you! You can listen to the recordings if you don’t make the live sessions, read the emails and connect in the private Facebook group whenever you want, as often as you want. If you’re super busy one week or month, don’t sweat it. You can’t fall behind as a TCC Tribe Member! However, I encourage you to remember: there is a reason you’ve decided to be part of this tribe. The awesome thing about the TCC Tribe is that it makes it really easy to dip in and out of the content as you wish. When you commit to the membership, you’ll find that you will feel more connected to yourself, inspired and empowered.

Yes! The TCC Membership is for anyone who has or wants to have personal and professional success. All you need in order to start is the desire to learn and a willingness to invest time in attending to your learning needs! 

I understand that it can feel scary attending group coaching sessions, don’t worry this is normal and the good news is that this feeling will lessen each time you attend a session.

I highly recommend you push through the discomfort and join these sessions as they have been helpful in gaining perspective and clarity with what you are currently struggling with. I promise it does get easier with time; some of the participants were nervous for a long time but have since pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and are now in their growth zone. This is a loving, non-judgmental community, I have no doubt you will make the best of friends here and they will be your biggest cheerleaders!

We meet for the live session on zoom. You will get weekly emails highlighting what is on for the week and we communicate regularly in the FB group – if you have a question relating to the membership you are welcome to email

It will still be there waiting for you! You can go back to any training, interview, group coaching session, etc., at any time and listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want via the TCC Tribe portal. The TCC Membership gives you a flexible structure. There are no rigid rules, this is not a course. Our signature courses are from €2000–€3000 where we dive deep into the content in a shorter time frame. The TCC Membership is only €67 a month and designed in such a way so that there isn’t content overwhelm. You can access the exact content you are looking for in the membership hub at any time as long as you are a member.

We want you to use the membership so that it fits into your lifestyle. Some weeks you may find that you can’t pop into the membership at all and that’s ok! This is your journey, your pathway to reaching your potential and it will look totally different to another member in the group. This membership isn’t a course, it is about you dipping in and out of the membership as you see fit. Our membership pillars are well being, personal and professional development, so be kind to yourself and give yourself the space to achieve personal and professional success. We also have a library of past content which sits in Searchie Hub making it easier to find the content you need to help you in your journey of self-development.