Why creativity drives effective problem solving

Have you ever been faced with a problem and managed to successfully find a solution? Well guess what got you out of it – CREATIVITY

Creativity is one of the most important skills you can have, however without understanding its true potential and how this quality can serve you, you cannot harness it for greatness. 

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Working on superyachts for ultra-high net worth individuals you will find yourself having to deal with some very interesting or let’s say unique requests – 🙂

The benefits of working with a multicultural crew are that it fuels divergent thinking and creative problem-solving. Crew need to feel safe to voice their suggestions and ideas, this shouldn’t be left solely to HODs.

HODs should encourage crew to be creative within their roles as well as collectively as a team. It will not only benefit the individual but the yacht at large –  creativity adds fresh new energy creating a positive experience overall. Just as we allocate time to run drills so we should invest time in developing soft skills. By running workshops where the crew have an opportunity to explore and further develop these skills will undoubtedly boost crew morale and engagement.

How to nurture creativity onboard

Create space by disconnecting

I find that my most powerful ideas come from separating myself from my screen and doing an activity that is grounding such as yoga or walking along the coast. By immersing yourself in a new environment you are exposing your brain to a new stimulus which in turn allows the creative juices to flow. As crew we often find ourselves doing routine tasks on a daily basis which can make us feel disengaged from our work or even from the present moment. Despite this, research suggests that when we are on autopilot our best ideas come into fruition. I certainly found this was the case for myself. I was thinking of innovative ideas and how I could improve things onboard. Watch this Ted Talk to learn how.

Be aware of routines that don’t ‘spark joy’ this will suppress any creative energy

Reflect on tasks or company that inhibit you from tapping into your creativity. What changes or risks are you prepared to take to create more space for you to exercise creativity more regularly.  Could you engage with others and share your knowledge or initiate conversations that will allow for innovation? Do you need to change your work environment? It is becoming too stale? What inspires you? Read books, listen to podcasts that can challenge your thinking and expand your mind. 

Why creativity can be the key to effective problem solving