Leave Yachting Life with Confidence: Discover Your Career Potential

Our Sea & Onshore Personal Transition Course for Yachties! It's more than just a job... it's your future!

Ever considered leaving the yachting industry but haven’t felt ready or weren’t sure what you’ll do next? Or have you ever thought, “I like yachting, but I’m not sure I want to do this forever.” 

If so, then our life-changing course is for you! You’ll walk away with an empowering strategy that will give you the confidence and skills you need to make the transition to a viable new career on shore. Set yourself up with the right foundation to make a change when and if you’re ready.

karine rayson

Find a new career that you love and build a bulletproof exit strategy that will set you up for a thriving onshore future

In this life-changing course, you’ll walk away with an empowering career strategy that will give you the confidence and skills you need to make the transition to a fulfilling new career onshore or onboard.

Our Sea to Shore Career Transition Course for Yachties

There is a reason why the industry is often referred to as the golden handcuffs.

So many of us sacrifice our well-being needs, our relationships, or our dreams so that we can reach our financial goals. We often end up stuck and asking ourselves, “Why am I doing this? Is this really worth it?” Will I ever find a career that I love and earn a decent salary”?

But it doesn’t need to be that way! You can start taking action on your dreams and find a financially viable career with this guided 12 week course.

In our course, you’ll receive:

Expertly guided course content and action steps over 8 weeks

Weekly group coaching sessions over 2 months (1 per week)

8 weeks of support in a new Facebook group with your friendly course members

The opportunity to join a motivated goals group – we’re ALL about taking ACTION!

Lifetime access to any course updates

How Our Career Transition Strategy Course is Different

Here are three things our course is not:

  • It isn’t just about helping you get out of  yachting; it’s about helping you to tactically plan your strategic entry into a career you’re excited about.


  • It’s not about adopting a cookie-cutter approach and pushing you towards careers you’re not interested in, just because they fit your skill set. We treat you as an individual.


  • Karine your educator, is more than qualified than your standard career/life coach she comes with degrees in Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Counselling and Business and of course industry experience.


  • We don’t just offer general tips about developing your best self and self-limiting beliefs, etc. – our course and content is highly impactful and delves deep, aimed at helping you to make long-term and lasting changes


We want to help reignite that fire inside of you 🔥 and guide you towards making lasting changes that will propel you towards a more fulfilling future. We will help you to discover your natural skills, talents and values and transform these into a viable career pathway. We help you find a rewarding life after yachting! Our carefully tailored program helps you develop a razor sharp strategy which gives you clarity and focus about your future career choice, saving you time and money and energy.  

Working with me will be an adventure – a quest of self-discovery where you will gain a wealth of insights and understanding about what’s truly important to you and what you really want to gain out of your career. This course is for you if you feel out of career alignment and want to:

Wake up feeling happy and fulfilled

Reduce decision decision overwhelm and instead gain confidence and clarity

Be confident about who you are and what you want to achieve without limits

Level up your goals beyond what you could have ever imagined possible 

Become the best version of yourself

Through our safe group mentoring sessions, you’ll have the chance to not only connect with yachties who are also looking to excel in their future careers, but also feel inspired by many opportunities for sharing and mutual learning. A number of our participants have stayed in touch with each other after the course ended and have even helped each other with employment opportunities and contacts.

How is Our Course Delivered?

Online learning portal

Our online learning content portal, which can be accessed via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Just log in and access all your materials that are drip fed over the duration of the course so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

"Coaching calls"

Leverage your growth through being part of a community who are in a similar headspace as you.

Private Facebook group

Our private Facebook group, where you can find support buddies and build your network base, ask questions, and share resources

We use blended learning delivery via our virtual learning platform, live coaching calls and recorded replay access, making this convenient for wherever your vessel is located. We understand that life onboard can be hectic, so if you miss a call, listen to the replay at a time that suits you.

karine rayson profile

Hi there, my name is Karine…

My career journey hasn’t necessarily been smooth sailing where I have worked out exactly what I wanted to do with my career post-tertiary education. However, I have had no regrets with regards to the career choices I have made as it has landed me exactly where I want to be today.

After completing degrees in psychology, I wanted to embark on a career change and give myself time to really think about what it is I wanted from a career. And would you believe that yachting helped get me there? I happily served as a yacht crew member for a number of years. As much as I loved the work and the industry, I hungered to use my psychology background to help people to make life-changing breakthroughs and overcome beliefs that keep us up at night, beliefs that stop us from reaching our potential. I took the first step in my psychology career by working as a clinician and mental health educator in correctional facilities across Australia. I worked with clients recovering from substance addiction, depression and anxiety, and grief and trauma, as well individuals who were processing distressing events, dealing with workplace issues and other personal problems. In addition, I developed therapeutic and psycho-education based programs on behalf of the Department of Justice. 

Even though my role was rewarding and satisfying, I realised that I could make a bigger impact elsewhere,desired to create and deliver a plethora of specialised training courses that I couldn’t offer in my role as a clinician. I also yearned to branch out into life coaching and group mentoring. I wanted to combine my love of yachting and my counselling skills, as well as my passion for training and empowering others to reach their full potential. I mapped out an exit strategy to run my own business and took steady action, and in 2018, hit the ground running as the Director of the Crew Coach. 

I honestly don’t think I would be who I am today without fearlessly pursuing my dreams. That feeling of reaching your pinnacle of career happiness is priceless. I feel fulfilled every day because I feel driven by purpose. And I know myself well enough, through all the inner work I have done, to recognise when I am out of “career alignment”. Importantly, I know how to help others who are feeling directionless and in need of career clarity. Using the same tools, techniques and strategies that I successfully used to make my own professional transition, I would be thrilled to walk you through that journey of realigning yourself so you establish yourself in a new career where you feel excited to wake up for work every single day.

Your Full Course Content Breakdown

8 empowering and practical modules

  • – Discovering your innate passions and what is important to you in a career.
  • – Family Scripts – Our beliefs about work; where do they come from?
  • – Stitching it all together – Who am I? What are my values? What are my passions?
  • – Identifying your life priorities and non-negotiables
    – Harnessing your energy and channelling it into the right places. When you learn how and where to focus your energy, amazing things happen.
    – Discovering what makes you happy – “what I need to do more of; do less of; start doing; stop doing.”
    – Piecing it all together – creating your vision board masterpiece
  • – Discover your values
    – Identify which values to prioritise
    – Identify your reason for being aka your life’s purpose
  • – Understanding the feedback tool (Johari’s window) and how to use it to boost your personal growth
    – A holistic self-analysis – discover your untapped potential
    – Identify the opportunities you can take advantage of and the potential threats which may impede you from moving forward
    – Gain insight into how YOU see you and how OTHERS see you
    – Identify your strengths
    – Discover your blind spots
  • – What are beliefs?
    – How to identify your limiting beliefs
    – How to cleanse yourself from your limiting beliefs so that you can move forward in your life freely 
    – Discover whether you are engaging in “cognitive distortions” (unhealthy thought patterns) and how to break free from them
    – How to become aware of self-critical talk
    – How to rephrase and replace negative self-talk
    – How to cultivate a more compassionate relationship with your inner self
  • – You and People
    – You and a workplace
    – You and your skills
    – You and your purpose in life
    – You and the knowledge – you already have
    – You and your salary/responsibility
    – You and your geography
  • – Whom you stand for and what you believe in.
    – How you can experience the powerful positive effect of purpose.
    – How to keep on track.

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Now in its third year, it has additional tools and strategies with a 2-month program, 8 x 1hr hour group coaching sessions, yours to keep templates, a private Facebook group plus hidden course BONUSES with NO price increase.

Workshop with Tia Taylor on how you can put your finances in check so that you increase your financial status 10 FOLD – workshop valued at €180

Follow up call with Karine to ask any burning questions as you put your learning from the course into action

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Score a free finance planning workshop with Tia Taylor, the Founder of Luxury Learning and ex-Yacht Accounts Director for Y.CO. Learn how you can put your finances in check so that you increase your financial status 10 FOLD – workshop valued at €180. This workshop will help you to:

Determine what you really want beyond your bank balance, and help you to differentiate between general values vs core values in your financial mindset.

Learn how to list your own top monthly costs and help you find a realistic number that you can start saving towards.

Gain valuable ideas on how to make a financial transition without getting stuck in a job you don't want.

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Most Popular

Feedback from our course participants

Read or listen to our success stories from our satisfied students!

Jackie Goudie

Jackie Goudie, chef

Working with Karine is like having your own personal cheerleader and coach right there beside you

Before I started working with Karine I felt rather idle and stagnant with my plans and focus, a lot of things but no real plan of attack you could say. Karine has helped me find more direction with where I want to go and where my passion lies. I chose the specific service because I have been thinking about an exit from yachting for some time but I’m still so in love with my job. I figured that Karine would be the perfect person to help me work through my thoughts around this and how I can continue doing what I love on a daily basis.

Through working with Karine I have found where my drive and focus are strongest, what my values and non-negotiables are. Where I want to spend my energy and time outside of working hours. I have also laid out some boundaries through recognising in certain areas there needed to be some put into place.

Given that Karine understood my working on boats it helped so much, as with previous coaches it’s hard to explain the situation. Working with Karine is like having your own personal cheerleader and coach right there beside you, the energy and love you feel in each and every session that is tailored for you is extremely unique and very special.

anna petchell

Anna Petchell, Ex bosun

“Karine has been amazing and I can’t hold her in higher regard​”

I’ve been working on yachts for the last seven years. I’m a bosun and I’m looking to leave the industry at the end of the year. I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I was going to do. The change to land life was a bit hard and I’ve seen many people fail at it and end up back in yachting so I wanted to set out a plan of attack. Karine has helped me to work my goals and values, where I can actually align that with what I’m going to do in the future. I came to her in a complete state of confusion and she has helped me to progress through all of that. She has helped me to release a lot of stress and tension I have about what I’m going to in the future and I think coaching is really important for people taking a jump outside of yachting as well as taking a jump out of any career. Or just generally trying to align your values and your beliefs with what you’re doing in your life. I think it’s really important and I think a lot of people learn a lot from the career coach and other coaches. Karine has been amazing to me and I cannot hold her in higher regard. I can’t recommend her enough. If anyone gets the chance to talk to her, talk to her. She’s amazing, she will solve so many problems and help you along so far.

Kate, ex-bosun

“I came to Karine because I wanted advice from someone who understood the yachting industry and what it means to leave it behind

I began working with Karine when I left my yacht on medical leave and decided to transition out of the industry entirely. I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, or any goals whatsoever beyond avoiding getting sucked back into boats as I’d seen happen to friends over and over again. I came to Karine because I wanted advice from someone who understood the yachting industry and what it means to leave it behind. I could not be more pleased that I chose to work with her. We had six coaching sessions spread out over several months at a pace I set. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but Karine helped me figure out what is important to me, what I’m good at (and not so good at), and what I really want and need. She’s easy to talk to and constantly had me thinking about things I hadn’t even considered previously. She’s a hugely positive influence – I often felt like I had my own personal cheerleader. I’ve achieved so many goals I set in coaching sessions that it almost feels like the things I was looking for fell straight into my lap. I never would have had a concrete vision of what those things were or why I wanted them without this coaching. Karine is an incredible resource for the yachting industry and a huge advocate for crew. Thank you!

Mieke Bosman, Head Chef

“It was comforting to chat to everyone else

My biggest takeaway was realising that I’m not the only person with so many doubts and fears about my future and leaving yachting. It was comforting to chat to everyone else and see that it’s a common theme.


Patricia Yang business owner

“My outlook on my career has changed

My outlook on my career has changed because sometimes we think we need to change everything in our profession because we don’t have time or because we don’t ask the right questions, but maybe it is just a matter of how we focus on that issue. Sometimes we don’t need to change completely, we just need to readjust or be open to other opportunities to let them appear.

holly robertson

Holly Robertson, Bosun

“My outlook on my career has changed

After completing the course I realised that choosing a next career/job doesn’t have to be permanent and that there is so much value in experiencing many different roles to find what you like and don’t like. I’ve learnt to accept this and start looking to broaden my career prospects with things I never would have thought of before. I loved doing all the little personality quizzes and exploring more in depth about who I am and how others see my strengths and values.

I now have have more clarity in terms of what is important to me in my career as I now know that I want to prioritise my core values and what I desire in a lifestyle and find a job around that rather than a job dictating the rest of my life. I want to enjoy all aspects of my life, including work, as opposed to wishing my days would go faster so that I could be done with work.

I would absolutely recommend doing the course. I think there is so much value in discovering deeply who you are and what you value. I believe people may think it a myth that you can pursue a career that you truly love and that work doesn’t have to be a chore. If you spend so much time at work, why not find something you actually enjoy?

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Gain career confidence as I help you discover your natural skills, talents and values and transform these into a viable career pathway. This program has been been running for 5 and has had 100 percent success rate with our past students!⁠ ⁠ It has been meticulously engineered giving you practical steps to developing a robust career so that you can enjoy an increased quality of life.

Working with me will be an adventure – a quest of self-discovery where you will gain a wealth of insights and understanding about what’s truly important to you and what you really want to gain out of your career.

So what are you waiting for?!