Your Ultimate Superyacht CV Toolkit

Build a Killer CV That Will Land You a Yachting Job

Are you trying to land a job on a superyacht or get promoted to a senior leadership role such as captain, chief or 2nd steward or stewardess or chief engineer? Do you have trouble communicating what sets you apart as a candidate, or get nervous at job interviews?

This transformative package will help you produce the best version of your CV and cover letter, nail your interviews and win that job! See what our many satisfied clients have to say! 

This is more than a one-time CV writing and editing service. Our tools teach you to market yourself on paper and in person. You’ll be equipped with skills and resources you can use to upgrade your CV and prepare for interviews every time you apply for a new role.

What We Offer - Superyacht Interview Tips, CV Templates and Much More!

We provide tools for every step of the hiring process, from preparing your CV to interviews. This three-hour self-paced course will help you create or revamp your professional presence.

CV Letter Templates

  • The exact template that meets industry standards.
  • Three stylish fully formatted Canva  CV templates
  • Simply type your information into the perfect layout
  • A BONUS superyacht cover letter template to highlight your points of difference with examples.

Valued at € 97

“How to” Video Guide

  • Build your CV step-by-step
  • Video tutorials showing what to include in each section and why
  • How to optimise your CV layout
  • Tips and tricks for formatting your document so that it does what you want!

Valued at € 70

Ace That Job Interview!

  • Exclusive recorded interviews with industry leaders 
  • Superyacht Head of Department and a top recruiter share what they’re looking for in CVs and at interviews
  • Don’t get stumped in an interview. Get my set of interview questions that I ask candidates when recruiting and be prepared with polished answers on the day. 

Valued at € 70

Enhance Your Professional Online Profile

  • The secret formula to crafting a successful profile statement that summarises your unique selling points
  • Profiles optimised for social media
  • The golden rules of a CV photo and professional online image

Valued at € 50

Our toolkit is valued at €297, but we’re offering it to our clients for only €97! 

Why the Superyacht Ultimate CV Toolkit is different

We want you to walk away with not only a professional CV but one that lands you a yacht job. We’ve noticed that other yachting CV toolkits have missed vital elements of the CV building process, which unfortunately will decrease your chances of getting a yacht job. I offer several amazing extras in the one toolkit that would typically constitute additional products and services such as:

1. A Cover Letter Template that Fits Yachting Standards

Cover letters demonstrate your ability to articulate yourself, provide details that you can’t fit on your resume as well as highlight your personal brand. A well-crafted yachting cover letter could be what lands you the job! Write your ultimate superyacht cover letter by filling in our professional template.

2. Cheat Sheets to Help You Ace Your Job Interview!

If you order now, you’ll receive the following extra resources for a limited time only:

  • The Ultimate List of Interview Q&A – Don’t get stumped in your interview, prepare with this list of typical and tricky questions so you sound like a pro on the day
  • The 10 Best Questions to Ask at Your Interview – Make a great impression and demonstrate your suitability by asking the right questions about the role and company
  • The 10 Questions You Should NEVER Ask in Your Interview – Avoid these deal-breaker questions so that you don’t automatically disqualify yourself for the job!

PLUS! Green Crew in the Antibes area are eligible to get their professional CV photos with Naneen Photography for a discounted rate!

3. “Who We Hire” – Top Yacht Recruiters and Senior Crew Leaders Share

Have you ever missed out on a job opportunity and wished you could find out what really goes through the minds of superyacht heads of department and recruitment agents? Here’s your chance to find out! Learn what qualities senior crew leaders are looking for in team members, and get into the right frame of mind when you’re writing your CV and preparing for interviews!

Here’s a breakdown of our exclusive recorded interviews and a bonus checklist, only available in this toolkit:

  • Insider tips on how to land a yacht job – four interviews with Heads of Departments who share their hiring process, their best superyacht job seeker tips and industry insights
  • What will send your CV straight to the NO pile – interviews with the owner of a premium yachting training academy and ex-chief stewardess and a leading recruitment consultant about what they look for in a yachting CV 
  • How to turn a yacht daywork into a full-time role – practical advice from leaders
  • How to run a social media audit on yourself – You’ve got a great CV and cover letter, but your online presence might be sabotaging your career opportunities. Our checklist shows you how to make your social media presence work for you, not against you.

Invest in your career with this toolkit!

If you’re unemployed, it’s costing you money in living costs.

If you secured a yacht job, you’d be earning a minimum of €2,500 per month if you are starting off in the indsutry.

Increasing your chances of getting a job by 10x will only cost you €97!!!

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A Sneak Peek at a Tutorial From Our “How to” Guide

Here’s a sample of one of the videos from our step-by-step “How to” Guide. Our videos are brimming with yachting CV writing tips and practical advice on presentation and layout.

The advantage of these tutorials is that you can hit the pause button whenever you want, return to any sections that you’d like to rework and follow this guide at your own convenient pace.

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What Our Crew Have Said About the Ultimate CV Toolkit

Our superyacht CV information package gets RESULTS – just see our clients’ stories below.

Why I Created This Toolkit – Words from a Crew Agent

I’m Karine, and as a former chief stewardess and now a crew placement agent, I’ve worked on both sides of the fence in the world of recruitment. I also have a strong background in psychology, having earned four degrees in the field of psychology and worked as a mental health clinician and now a superyacht leadership coach. With these experiences under my belt, I created the Ultimate Superyacht CV Toolkit to help you get seen and 10X your chances of securing a yachting job or gaining a promotion in the yachting industry.

I’m passionate about helping crew members to enter the industry or get promoted, not just provide a one-time service. Therefore, I designed this comprehensive superyacht CV information package to teach you how to pitch your unique strengths to recruiters and senior yacht leaders, both on paper and in person.

If you’re still weighing up whether to invest in the toolkit and are after some free advice in the meantime, below are three important tips to help you avoid common CV writing pitfalls.

Karine Rayson Tribe Membership

Three Tips on How to Create a Great Superyacht CV

A mediocre superyacht CV not only ruins job opportunities, but might result in crew agencies turning you away because your document doesn’t meet yachting standards. Here are my three top superyacht CV writing tips to create a CV that will maximise your chances of being offered a job interview or being represented by a proactive crew placement agent.

1. Highlight your unique strengths on your CV

Crew agents and superyacht leaders often receive hundreds of applications for the one role and quickly scan CVs, making quick decisions about who to offer an interview.

Therefore, you want to highlight your unique strengths and distinguish yourself from other candidates. A couple of the top areas you should be focusing on in your CV are:

  • Your work experience – Flesh out your experience, don’t be generic!
  • Profile – Make it concise and highlight why we should choose you over anyone else.

2. Choose a format that showcases your skills and experience

A common mistake that job seekers make is thinking that aesthetics is better than content!

For example, you might:

  • Choose intricate templates on Canva which allow no room to describe your skill set
  • Only list work positions rather than highlighting your skill set and experience and linking it back to your role
  • Select the wrong layout or format. When recruiters pick up a candidate’s CV, they don’t want to spend extra time scanning for information, they want to grasp it at a glance.

The CV should ideally be in a standardised format to enhance the experience of reviewing your CV. It must be both stylishly designed and accessible to showcase your skills and experience.

In terms of yachting CVs, style and substance go hand in hand!

3. Review and Refresh your Superyacht CV, and Do That for Each Role

Take a break from your CV, put yourselves in the shoes of a recruiter and review it with fresh eyes. Is the presentation and layout attractive and is the information easy to absorb?

Or do you need to scrutinise it and read it carefully to understand it?

Remember, you need to customise and upgrade your CV every time you apply for a new role.

Please keep a Word document of your CV or editable templates so you can edit it easily!

On that note, I wanted to share a few other key takeaways. While there are many reputable yacht CV services out there, I’ve had clients who have asked for my help after less than ideal experiences with these companies. Therefore, please follow this checklist to help find a legitimate yacht CV writing service.

  • Will I have an editable CV template at the end of the process? A number of CV writing services only provide you with an non-editable PDF. This puts you into a position of having to engage the editing service again for a fee even for a minor change.
  • Does the service have testimonials from satisfied clients? Good testimonials are important, and results are even better! Did their clients land jobs from their CVs?
  • Will the service highlight my points of difference on my CV? If it’s a CV writing service, it’s key that they emphasise your unique strengths, not produce generic copy.

All of that said, I proudly recommend my Ultimate Superyacht CV Toolkit! 

My focus is on giving my clients the skills they need to grow as leaders and reach their professional goals. My toolkit provides all the resources you need to refresh your CV at each stage of your career. Regardless of the superyacht CV information service you choose, my sincere hope is that you achieve your dream career goals in the yachting industry. 

Build a Killer CV That Will Land You a Yachting Job Now!